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Realizing the Imagination of Arthur C. Clarke

Back in the 1960s, futurist Arthur C. Clarke was interviewed about the implications of a computer-dependent society. The video appears in the beginning of the “Jobs” movie.

In an unrehearsed way, Arthur C. Clarke, co-writer of the screenplay for Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, lays out the blueprint for an interconnected global society living remotely.

The implications of having a computer in your pocket for e-Commerce and finance have been monumental. The ability, for some of us, to work remotely has opened the door to unimagined gains in productivity, creativity, and (in my case at least) a reduced carbon footprint from driving back and forth to parking lots. Continue reading “Realizing the Imagination of Arthur C. Clarke” »

How to integrate WooCommerce with Google Optimize

As of April 2017, Google Optimize is now available for free to the public.
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Example Function to Enqueue Style Sheet into Child Theme in Functions PHP file

Enqueue Scripts and Style Sheets into Child Themes

To harness the full power of WordPress we need to enqueue scripts and style sheets into our child themes.

In this article I use a functions.php example to show you how to use the wp_enqueue_script and wp_enqueue_style WordPress functions to create a WordPress child theme step by step, and then modify that child theme by enqueuing additional CSS and script files into it.

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